How It Works

QualifyLife is a premium debt settlement agency that helps consumers with Credit Card, Personal Loan, Medical, IRS/Tax, Student Loan and Other unsecured debts. Upon initiation of our program, we take into consideration your location and current debt profile, then connect you with authorized debt settlement agents and attorneys who will analyze your situation, and provide a proposal that can help settle your debts. With your permission and enrollment to the debt settlement program, your assigned attorney will negotiate directly with creditors on your behalf. This service is not available to all debt cases and State, Debt Amounts, Debt Types, Creditors, income and other factors may mean you are ineligible for a debt settlement program.

We make no promise regarding the ability of the debt settlement agent or attorney you are connected with. While we monitor our partnered debt settlement services to ensure maximum quality for all customers, we do not recommend, endorse, warrant or guarantee the products or services of any third party. We cannot be a party to any direct discussions, terms or agreements you have made with any third party debt settlement program and cannot be held responsible for any direct dealing with 3rd party providers, or liable for any loss or damage of any sort as a result of such dealings.